You may ask yourself, why Tiffany? Well I’ll tell you why. When I bought my house I went through three real estate agents before I found my home. The first agent pre-qualified me but was non-responsive when it was time to look for MY dream home. The second agent just simply did not listen to my wants and needs. Not one house he took me to grabbed my interest. I started doing my own research. By the time I got to the third agent I found my home. I asked the agent to just close the deal for me. I found that a lot of agents really don’t care about their clients. It’s all about the money. 


I protect my clients/ business partners because of my past home purchasing experience.  A good relationship brings a good referral. My relationship with you is what sets me apart from other agents.

My expertise is in establishing relationships. It’s through your relationships with people that you have the most success. Every time I walk into a home with a first-time home buyer I imagine it’s my first home. I’m just as excited for you as I was when I turned the key into the door that opened up my dream. People often think there’s not much work involved in selling a home but if you’re a “get it done” agent there’s plenty of work-pricing right, telling the sellers the absolute truth about their property, sprucing up the property when necessary, etc. And if you’re not ready to buy I can help you find somewhere to rent. A house is not a home until you’re in it!

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Tiffany Adeyemo